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Abandoned Mentally Ill

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Mentally Ill People living on the streets are totally helpless

    • Lacking Proper food, without shelter and uncared for mentally ill people are found on the streets.
    • They have been abandoned by their families due to their mental illness.


    Mentally ill people from other districts and states are brought to kanyakumari, a pilgrimage centre, and abandoned


    Feeding the abandoned Mentally Ill


  • The mentally ill people, helpless even to beg, eat from garbage bins or go hungry. Therefore Chardep endeavors to provide tasty and nutritious food to them through this scheme
  • 100 people receive food everyday through Annapoorna Yatra. Over the past 4 years around 1,50000 meals have been served.
  • This Programme is funded entirely by donations from the public.
  • The abandoned mentally ill are not able to maintain personal hygiene. So CHARDEP's staff and volunteers meet them on a weekly basis and provide services such as hair and nail trimming, baths clean and clothes and treatment of minor ailments.