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If you have questions or would like to know more about donating to CHARDEP, please call us at 91-4652-227396 Monday through Friday between 9.30 a.m. – 6.00 p.m (IST) or e-mail us at support@chardep.org.

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CHARDEP was founded in 1998 and registered as a Trust (regn no.50/98) in the same year on the twenty fourth of June, 1998. Since its inception, the organization has had a working mantra of “Partnering People for Development” and has worked with the marginalized and rural communities throughout the district of Kanyakumari.


To create a strong, healthy and eco-friendly world with self-sufficiency and continual sustainable and holistic development.


To work towards fulfilling the felt and identified needs of the people at all levels of the society thereby creating a sustainable and replicable model of holistic development contributing to the growth of the nation at large.

Objectives of the Organisaton

  • Empowerment of women in rural areas by designing and implementing initiatives aiming at providing sustainable economic, social and entrepreneurial development.
  •  Capacity building of young people so that they take a lead role in the overall development of their communities and by large the nation.
  • Environment protection by increasing awareness about natural bio-technology related processes of waste management and thereby achieving the goal of 'Zero Waste Management'
  • Networking with civil society organisations and other like minded organisations to influence public policies in favour of the socio-economically backward and deprived sections of our modern society
  • Contribute to the goal of holistic health by engaging in activities to increase health seeking behaviour of people thereby stop and reverse the spread of epidemics including HIV/AIDS 
  • "CHARDEP believes in the principle that 'Felt needs' of the community should be addressed before the 'Identified needs' of the target population.
  • CHARDEP believes that the organization should be ready to design and implement projects which are the need of the hour and does not restrict interventions only in the core areas. Hence, CHARDEP has successfully implemented projects of various magnitude and fields since its inception. The greatest strength of the organization is'Partnerships'. Working with the state and not against the state is an underlying guideline of all activities of CHARDEP. "