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Annapoorna Yatra

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“CHARDEP” a civil society organization provides daily food to the people wandering and finding interim stay on footpaths and garbage dumping since July- 2008, these people spend their days aimless, purposeless, perhaps such situation occurs to them due to mental illness, old age, disabilities, other severe illness, and nobody to tender them in family. Out of such destiny their hungry and thirsty are quenched with scraps of road side eateries and spoiled poisonous food found with rubbish, and even occasionally fight with street dogs for the remaining. Being a human kind how can they be permitted for consuming rubbish with our knowledge? The non-representation of mercy and sympathy alone will not work out to solve their hungry, quench their thirst and cover their nudeness; it is a social responsibility of me and you to spend for their good at least with meals. Every one irrespective of cast, creed and nationality invited to respond to the call of these voiceless.

This program is being carried out throughout the district of kanyakumari with the support of merciful people, shop keepers and self help groups. CHARDEP willing to expand the same throughout Tamilnadu state in India and keeping this wide intension in mind the initial works are under process to commence the program in Chennai at the second.

As the number of such people is increased the organization requires uninterrupted support from the public and bigwig. To feed them every day grocery items, transportation facility, fuel, and manpower are the fundamental together with rest associated supports.


Development of the Programme


  • When this programme was started, staff and volunteers used their own two wheelers to distribute food packets to the mentally ill, wherever they were.CHARDEP faced many hassles at the time in distribution.
  • Public awareness of Annapoorna Yathra increased, and many came forward to support the scheme with donations.Recognising the need for a better means of conveyance of food,Dr.T.Sivakumar of Siva Hospitals,Eathamozhy came forward to donate a van to be used for Annapoorna Yathra .Today the Van is recognized by the people as then face of Annapoorna Yathra.


CHARDEP envisages

We are targeting to provide food for an average of 100 people every day in each district of Tamilnadu state. we keep the confidence to start a home and give free treatment to those who are in such pathetic stage and try to rehabilitate them in to the society through minimum level employment opportunity we thank all the wide hearted support us to materialise the mission.
Our first van to reach the food to the wandering mentally ill throughout the Kanyakumari district, it is a great support from SIVA Hospital, Ethamozhy.